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About Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt

Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt is the leading Pan-Arab newspaper and one of SRMG’s flagship media brands. Since launching its first issue in London in 1978, the newspaper has established a legacy of providing reliable coverage, quality journalism and in-depth analysis of the most significant global events.

Over the past 45 years, Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt's reporting has been led by a group of prominent journalists, veteran editors, professional correspondents and distinguished columnists. The newspaper is widely known for its insightful commentary on the issues that matter and interviews with influential personalities, including many global leaders. Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt is committed to objective and impartial coverage of events, and has always been the go-to source for decision-makers, politicians, experts, analysts and others interested in the region and beyond.

The newspaper covers politics, economics and culture, as well as health, science and technology.

Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt offers a wide variety of media products and services, both traditional and digital. This includes - but not limited to - a modern website and mobile app, podcast channels, and an interactive gaming platform.

Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt, distinguished by its green cover pages that are easily identifiable among its readers, is printed in 14 different major cities around the world and distributed across 4 continents.

Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt has syndication rights with global publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, Bloomberg, and Tribune Media.

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To get to the heart of the issues that matter, providing in-depth, reliable, and balanced journalism to our readers, making Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt the most influential current affairs title.



Keeping pace with events, audiences, and changing trends, while maintaining the same high editorial quality.


Presenting different angles objectively so that readers can make their own, informed opinions.


Working with the very best journalistic talent in the world and empowering our writers to fulfil their ambitions with passion, with editorial integrity.


The accumulated experience is a legacy that helps us put things in perspective.


We believe that details make the difference, which is why we give them the utmost care.


Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt has been led by some of the most prominent names in media including:

Jihad El-Khazen
Arfan Nizan Al-Din
Othman Al-Omair
Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed
Tariq Al-Hamid
Adel Al-Turaifi
Salman Al-Dosari
Ghassan Charbel

In addition to the editorial board of diverse skills and backgrounds, the newspaper has many prominent opinion writers, a professional team of correspondents around the world, as well as offices across the world.

Our Products

In addition to the website, daily printed newspaper, and social media accounts, Asharq Al- Awsat has many engaging products, including:

  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Video content
  • Audio articles
  • Interactive gaming platform


Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt has always been a trusted source and has established partnerships with distinguished international platforms such as:


Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt offers brands a wide range of innovative, market-leading print and digital advertising solutions, to help you reach specific segments of your target audience. For more information, you can contact us via:



Previous issues of Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt are available in our digital archive, where you can search based on topic, author, and much more.

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About SRMG:

SRMG is the largest integrated media group from the MENA region. With a +50-year legacy responsible for many regional firsts. SRMG has built a portfolio of over 30 outlets – including Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt, Asharq Network which includes Asharq News and Asharq Business with Bloomberg, Arab News, Independent Arabia, Sayidaty, Hia and more.

Through its diversified platforms, SRMG brings quality news and information to an audience of millions across 4 continents and in 7 . SRMG provides access to the biggest stories and events, it offers a diversified coverage including exclusive news and in-depth analysis in an innovative way to help conveying all regional and global events.

A champion of regional creativity, ideas, and innovation, SRMG has now expanded beyond media - diversifying its business to include book publishing, events and experiences, research and advisory, content production and more. Leveraging its experience and knowledge of the region - and supported by global talent and partners - SRMG aims to unlock the possibilities of the future.

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