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Pakistan FM to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: Eastern Neighbor’s Ambitions Fueled by Dominance Desire

Interviews Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar

Pakistan FM to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: Eastern Neighbor’s Ambitions Fueled by Dominance Desire

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan enjoy a special relationship with close cooperation on many issues. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar described this…

Saeed al-Abyad (Jeddah)
Interviews Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi during his interview with Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt (Yemeni Presidency)

Al-Alimi to the Houthis: Lift the Siege on Yemenis First

Recalling a history of mediations and support, the head of Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, is counting on “the experience of the…

Fathiya al-Dakhakhni (Aden)
Interviews Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg. (Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

Austrian FM to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: Saudi Arabia Is a Key Strategic Partner

Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg underscored joint efforts between Riyadh and Vienna to ease tensions in the Middle East and highlighted the…

Fatehelrahman Yousif (Riyadh)
Interviews Former Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak (Getty Images)

Zebari to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt : Iraq's Sunnis Feel Marginalized, Security Agencies Compromised

Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq’s ex-Foreign Minister, was deeply involved in key domestic and international matters. In a recent interview with Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt, he…

Ghassan Charbel (London)
Interviews Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad receiving Former Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari in Tehran in April 2007 (Getty)

Zebari to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: We Heard Tehran’s Frank Explanation on Militia Roles

Former Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari doesn't believe that Iraqi-US relations will completely fall apart, but he’s worried about security and economic…

Ghassan Charbel (London)

Interviews China’s special envoy to the Middle East Zhai Jun

Chinese Endeavor to Hold International Conference to Resume Peace Negotiations between Palestinians, Israel

China’s special envoy to the Middle East Zhai Jun revealed his country’s endeavor to mobilize international efforts to immediately stop the Israeli war on Gaza…

Fatehelrahman Yousif (Riyadh)
Interviews Italian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Roberto Cantone (Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

Italian Ambassador to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: Strategic Cooperation with Saudi Arabia is Growing in Light of Vision 2030

Future Investment Initiative (FII7) established a new road map for cooperation between Rome and Riyadh and enhanced the opportunities for strategic and dynamic…

Abdurrahman Youssef (Riyadh)
Interviews Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim speaking to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt (Photo by: Abdul Aziz Al-Zoman)

Malaysian Prime Minister to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: Stopping War in Gaza is an Immediate Demand

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim underlined the importance of the Arab and Islamic role led by Saudi Arabia to stop the ongoing war between the Israeli…

Fatehelrahman Yousif (Riyadh)
Interviews Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, Saudi Minister of Energy, and his Indian counterpart, during the signing of the agreement between the two countries (Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

Indian Minister of Renewable Energy: We Seek Deeper Partnership with Saudi Arabia

Indian Minister of Electricity and New and Renewable Energy Raj Kumar Singh said that his country was seeking to establish a deeper partnership with Saudi…

Fatehelrahman Yousif (Riyadh)
Interviews  Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour (AFP)

Mansour to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: US Logic Grants Israel ‘License to Kill’

Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour has urged the UN Security Council to “immediately intervene” to halt what he called a “genocidal operation”…

Ali Barada (Washington )
Interviews Secretary-General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Haitham Al-Ghais

OPEC Secretary General: Lack of Oil Investments Threatens Growth

Secretary-General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Haitham Al-Ghais warned of the danger of ending investment in the oil and gas…

Interviews The Ministry of Local Administration in Yemen aims to enhance decentralization (Saba News)

Yemeni Local Administration Minister Says Pursuing Decentralization Within Legal Frameworks

Yemen’s Local Administration Ministry is committed to achieving decentralization in all provinces without discrimination, affirmed Minister Hussein Abdulrahman…

Ali Rabih (Aden)
Interviews  The trial of Saddam and the senior officers of his regime (Getty)

Allawi Recounts Assassination Attempt, Says They Sneaked into Morgue to Check his Body

In the seventies, two young men left Iraq to escape from then-deputy Saddam Hussein and his murderous security machine. The first is Nouri al-Maliki, a member…

Ghassan Charbel (London)
Interviews Former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi during his interview with Editor-in-Chief Ghassan Charbel (Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

Allawi: I Refused to See Saddam Detained by the Occupation

How difficult it is to talk about Saddam Hussein, despite the distance that separates us from the date of his execution, on Dec. 30, 2006. The truth is that…

Ghassan Charbel (London)
Interviews Mikati attends the UN General Assembly sessions in New York. (The Lebanese government’s X page)

Lebanon Caretaker PM to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: Berri’s Dialogue Call is in Everyone’s Interest

Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, has blamed the Christian political parties for the delay in implementing the reforms required by the…

Ali Barada (New York)
Interviews Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi (Reuters)

Tokyo to Enhance Security Coordination, Strengthen Strategic Saudi-Japanese Dialogue

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, who is currently visiting the region, emphasized the strategic nature of the relationship between Riyadh and Tokyo…

Fatehelrahman Yousif (Riyadh)
Interviews Tom Laliberty, President of Land Warfare and Air Defense at Raytheon (Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

Raytheon: Saudi Prowess in Supplying Defense Industries Globally

Tom Laliberty, President of Land Warfare and Air Defense at Raytheon, unveiled that the company was collaborating with the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces to…

Mosaed al-Zayani (Riyadh)
Interviews Maj. Gen. Imad Othman honors officers retiring (ISF Website)

Lebanese Internal Security Chief Warns of Political Impact on Stability

In less than nine months, if the current political deadlock in Lebanon persists, the management of the Internal Security Forces (ISF), a pivotal sector in the…

Thaer Abbas (Beirut)
Interviews Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs Abdullatif bin Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh (Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

Al-Sheikh to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: We are Working Gradually to Eliminate Destructive Ideas

Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh said that the ministry was gradually applying a strategy to save the country…

Saeed Al Abyad (Makkah)
Interviews File photo from the Al-Omar oil field in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. The image was captured after the conclusion of military operations and the expulsion of ISIS elements (Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

AANES Utilizes Half of Syrian Oil Wells, Traders Sell to Damascus at Symbolic Rates

Over the course of twelve years of ongoing conflict in Syria, the dossier of oil and energy has remained an enigmatic puzzle. Ever since oil and gas fields…

Asharq Al Awsat (Raqqa)
Interviews Hikmet Hajiyev, the Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Azerbaijan. Photo: Yazeed Al-Samrani

Azerbaijan Presidential Advisor: We Are Establishing a Strong Strategic Relationship with Saudi Arabia

Hikmet Hajiyev, the Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Azerbaijan, has affirmed that his country is in the process of establishing a robust strategic…

Fatehelrahman Yousif
Interviews Former Afghan Ambassador and Deputy Shukria Barakzai (Exclusive – Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

Shukria Barakzai to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: I was on Taliban’s Hated List

Shukria Barakzai, the former Afghan ambassador to Norway and a human rights activist, said she was on the Taliban's wanted list after the fall of Kabul in 2021…

Interviews A file photo of the resigned member of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, Dr. Aisha Musa (Reuters)

Aisha Musa Criticizes ‘Opportunists’ of Sudan’s Crisis

As all eyes turn to Jeddah, where a new round of negotiations is expected to start between representatives of the Sudanese Army and the Rapid Support Forces …

Fatehelrahman Yousif (Riyadh)
Interviews The minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan, Sirojiddin Muhriddin (Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

Tajik Foreign Minister to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: Gulf-Central Asian Road Map for the Next 5 Years

As Dushanbe and Riyadh are seeking to enhance bilateral and multilateral relations, a high-level Tajik diplomat unveiled a joint action plan that would…

Fatehelrahman Yousif (Riyadh)
Interviews Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Eng. Waleed Elkhereiji (Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

Saudi Deputy FM: Erdogan’s Visit Deepens Historical Relations

Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Eng. Waleed Elkhereiji said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Saudi Arabia extends the countries’ efforts to…

Zaid Bin Kami (Riyadh)
Interviews King Abdullah Economic City (SPA)

ECZA Sec-Gen to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: SEZ is Ready to Attract Investors

The Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority (ECZA) is currently considering incentive packages and necessary exemptions tailored to the requirements of…

Bandar al-Mosalam (Riyadh)
Interviews A Boeing 787 of the Riyadh Airlines is displayed at the Paris Air Show (AP)

President of Boeing International to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: We are Keen to Support Saudi Arabia’s Efforts to Explore Space

Dr. Brendan Nelson, President of Boeing International (BI), stressed that the American company was keen to support Saudi Arabia in developing its plans for…

Mosaed al-Zayani (Riyadh)
Interviews Norwegian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Thomas Lid Ball (Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt)

Oslo, Riyadh Look to Boost Trade, Cooperation in Green Energy, Aquaculture Fields

A Norwegian diplomat revealed that his country is actively seeking to enhance economic cooperation with Saudi Arabia, particularly in the fields of green…

Fatehelrahman Yousif (Riyadh)
Interviews Carlos Ghosn speaks to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt

Carlos Ghosn to Aswat Asharq Al-Awsatt: I Will Seize Nissan’s Properties in Lebanon, the World

Former Chairman of the Board of Nissan Carlos Ghosn said he was serious in suing the company “to compensate for the moral and physical abuse he suffered as a…

Thaer Abbas (Beirut)